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Play Application
Where did you get your dog?
Why are you considering our Day Camp program for your dog?
Which of the following best describes your dog's level of socializaton with othe dogs:
Has your dog had any problems previously in an off-leash social environment?
If yes, check all that apply
If you answered "yes" to your dog being dismissed from a prior program, please select the reasons given:

Health History

What restrictions need to be placed on your dog's activities?
Check the box the best represents your dog's overall level of exercise routine:

Household Information

Does you dog play with other dogs?
If yes, which type?
Which commands does your dog know? (Please click all that apply)
What kind of collar do you use when you walk?
Is your dog crate or kennel trained?
Does your dog have any problems in any of the following areas?

Dog Behavior Information

How would you describe the energy level of your dog?

Wow that was thorough. Thank you! This information allows us to learn how we can best serve you and your Doggo

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